Aphorisms by Bruno Cancellieri

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10006People can be divided in two categories: those who cause changes, and those who adapt to changes caused by other people.
9203Envy is the hidden face of the sense of justice.
2125To appreciate the intelligence of a person, you have to be at least as intelligent.
5111Man is the most dangerous animal.
2121The important thing is to know what is important.
2126Truth is much more complicated than falsity. That is why falsity is more popular.
5683Shake your mind before use.
5557The winner is always right.
5735Laughter is a burst of freedom.
5726Normal people never tell what they really think. Only fools do it. That's why there is more reality in fiction than in normal conversations.
3250It is stupid to blame a stupid person for not being more intelligent.
11 quotes found